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Super Mario Stickers and Sleeves

August 8th, 2011 0 Comments

A great way to spice up some boring old toys and make them genuine Super Mario toys is by getting yourself some Mario sticker sheets or decals and decorating stuff with them!

A good starting point are these Super Mario Bros. Sticker Sheets
which cost only 3,99 and carry a variety of Super Mario related stickers in them.

Next, a symbol which instantly yells out ‘Super Mario’ is the Mario mushroom. Available in sticker format and in a large variety of sizes and colors which you can find right here: Mario Mushroom Decal Sticker

This is a funny sticker that has the Mario Piranha Plant with a text that says: ‘Byte Me’. Check it out here: Super Mario Byte Me Plant Sticker

Besides Super Mario stickers there are also Mario laptop skins that you can apply on your laptop’s cover as a protective decal and Super Mario protective sleeves for your laptop and netbook. They protect your laptop and make it look more cooler with in this case a Mario that’s posing to throw a fireball your way. They come in all sizes:

13’3 inch protective decal super mario
15.4″ protective decal super mario
17 inch protective decal super mario

10″ Laptop Skin and Sleeve bundle Super Mario


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