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Super Mario Chess

April 23rd, 2011 1 Comment

If you want your kids to learn to play chess but they are put off by standard looking chess pieces the Super Mario chess set would be the perfect gift for them. The whole approach of this set is good versus bad, where one player has control over chess pieces of Mario and all his friends and the other player has control over King Bowser and his minions. The pawns are represented by coins on the good side and koopa’s on the other side. Goomba’s as pawns and Koopa’s as rooks would have been a better choice in our opinion but this doesn’t take away much from enjoying the game.

Please be aware that the size of the chess pieces doesn’t allow the game to be suitable for children under 3. If you discover that your child is not fond of playing chess the pieces itself are fun enough to be played with by themselves.

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One Comment to “Super Mario Chess”

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