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Princess Peach Toys

July 17th, 2011 0 Comments

Princess Peach toysThis one is dedicated to all Princess Peach fans worldwide, a Princess Peach toys special! The poor girl who always gets caught by evil Bowser and his minions from the early days of Super Mario Bros on deserves to be put in the spotlight for once. Check out all the best Princess Peach related toys we’ve found for you online.

Princess Peach plush toy
The best rated Princess Peach plush toy online is this soft and cuddly 8″ plush which is of good quality and bears the closest resemblance to the Princess Peach you find in your Mario games. The size makes it a small enough princess to be taken around everywhere.
Click Here For The Princess Peach Plush Toy

Princess Peach pull back racer
Among the Mario Kart pull back racers we’ve covered earlier stands of course a cool Princess Peach pull back racing kart. A great addition to your existing pull back racer set or just as a stand-alone toy. A great Princess Peach toy for the girls who also like to join the boys with their cars sometimes.
Click Here For The Princess Peach Pull Back Racer

Kids Princess Peach Costume
Earlier we’ve covered several Super Mario costumes. Here we have a great Princess Peach costume design for all the little girls out there. They’re sure to be the ones collecting the most candy during Halloween while wearing this adorable Princess Peach outfit.
Click Here For The Kids Princess Peach Costume

Princess Peach Figure
This adorable Princess Peach figurine holding a power star is great for complementing a Super Mario figures collection or can also serve as a cake topper for a great Mario birthday party.
Click Here For The Princess Peach 5″ Figure

Princess Peach Poster
A great way to make a pink bedroom even better is by hanging this official Nintendo Princess Peach poster on the wall.
Check Out The Princess Peach Poster

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