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The Greatest Mario Keychain Toys

July 4th, 2011 0 Comments

All keychain collectors and Mario fans not having a Mario keychain toy on your keys yet pay attention! There are a lot of cool little Mario keychains available everywhere. We’ve made a selection of the most awesome to be found online so that you can get rid of your current lame keychains. Let’s go!

Mario Sound Drop Gashapon Keychain

mario keychainWhoever came up with the idea for these Mario keychains deserves a medal. These are drop-shaped Mario keychains that feature a single in-game Super Mario Bros sound when you press on its button. It’s great fun to use this Mario keychain wherever you at, especially when for example you fire the famous Mario jump sound in a busy crowd and have people look around confused as to where the sound came from. Gashapon are the capsule toys that can be bought from vending machines that you can find all over Japan. The word is literally made up of ‘Gasha’, the sound when you turn the vending machine’s crank and ‘Pon’, the sound you hear when the toy drops into the cabinet. Luckily you don’t have to go to Japan to buy a Gashapon Mario keychain as there are many available online. Check the links below for more information on the popular keychains.

8-bit Mario Sound Drop Gashapon – Jump (2″ Keychain)
8-bit Mario Sound Drop Gashapon – Pipe (2″ Keychain)
8-bit Mario Sound Drop Gashapon – Big (2″ Keychain)

Mario Galaxy Sound Drop Keychains ( Set of 8 )
Mario Kart Wii Sound Drop Keychains ( Set of 8 )

Super Mario sound effects keychain

Continuing with the Mario sound effects keychains is this classic Mario keychain that features 6 buttons which trigger sound effects from the original Super Mario Bros from 1985. This Mario keychain can be the cherry on the pie for a Mario costume at a dress-up party or when trick-or-treating. Please note that the sounds on this Mario keychain are kind of loud and that the volume can not be adjusted, so parents, take this into consideration when buying this for your child.

Click here for the Super Mario sound effects keychain

Plush Mario keychains

For the more adorable Mario keychain you can’t go wrong with a small plush one. Especially when you’re a girl, a tiny, cuddly, plush Mario keychain is the one you want.

Plush Mario Keychain – Koopa (3″)
Yoshi Plush Keychain (5″)
Small Plush Mario Face Keychain

We could go on and on with covering more awesome Mario keychains as this is just a tiny fraction of what can be found online. When you can’t make up your mind you can always consider buying a Mario keychain set and switch up your set of keys every other day or something.

K’NEX Mario Kart Update

July 1st, 2011 5 Comments

We’ve found some more information on the K’NEX Mario Kart building sets, one of the most anticipated new Super Mario toys this year. On their website, K’NEX has featured a sneak peek presentation video of the upcoming Mario Kart race track building sets (see it below) and we’ve become excited to try out the full racing set ourselves.

It seems that the full Mario Kart K’NEX race track construction set comes with race characters included. Even the karts and racers themselves can be build, which makes me wonder if you can give Mario a Luigi costume and vice versa. The racers can then be put in a kart and put on the race track that you’ve built. The Mario Kart race track can be clicked together quite easy, time will tell if the tracks will remain solid and durable enough for intensive playing. We’ve already seen a glimpse of the famous Mario Kart obstacles with rotating fire bars in an early picture. This video expands on the obstacles which you will find in the set, including a Chain Chomp, piranha plant and the infamous Goombas. These can all be manually controlled so you can annoy your opponent’s racer.

The Mario Kart K’NEX race karts have a switch which can be turned on after which the kart will speed off when you put it on the race track. There’s no further remote control involved with which you can accelerate your kart a la the Carrera Mario Kart race track. This also means that your Kart will not fly of the track easily, from the video it seems K’NEX have done an awesome job in having the racers stay on the track, even with all the obstacles hindering your Mario kart characters.

No exact release date has been set yet for the K’NEX Mario Kart race track set. The only K’NEX Super Mario toys that are available now are the individual Mario Kart (and bike) racers which we’ve covered earlier. Amazon has these available now. Check the indiviual links below for more information on the current K’NEX Mario Kart products:

K’NEX Mario and Standard Kart Building Set
K’NEX Luigi and Standard Kart Building Set
Nintendo Yoshi and Standard Kart Building Set

K’NEX Luigi and Standard Bike Building Set
K’NEX Mario and Standard Bike Building Set

When release is due be sure to read about it on Super Mario toys dot com!

Update: The K’NEX Mario Kart building sets are now retailing, read more about it here.

Super Mario Converse All Stars

June 29th, 2011 0 Comments

super mario all stars
Did you know that Converse Japan teamed up with Nintendo to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario in Japan? This cooperation spawned some awesome Super Mario Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers of which the first version was released earlier this year (2011). The pair featured in this picture will be released this year in August. The sneakers feature pixelated (gameplay) prints of the original Super Mario Bros and the famous Mario Star incorporated in the Converse All Star logo. For any All Stars collector and/or any Mario fan, these are sure to be a collector’s item soon so when you happen to visit Japan don’t leave these lying in the store. Even the box that these sneakers come in is printed with Mario gameplay art, a nice box to store some Super Mario toys in. The Super Mario All Stars retail for just under $100.

Mario Plush Toys

June 20th, 2011 0 Comments

Mario plush
Remember the Yoshi plush that we’ve covered earlier? Well how could we make a Super Mario toys website without a coverage of all the popular Mario plush toys and stuffed toys that are currently out there? Just look at all the Mario plush the world record Mario toys collector has in his collection and we could go on in lengths about these alone. But since you’re probably wondering what are the most popular and high-quality material Mario plush toys we’ve selected the best ones out there. Let’s check them out.

Nintendo Mario plush toy
This official Nintendo Mario stuffed doll is about 9″ tall and is made of soft material. It is suitable for small children aged 7 and upwards. This Mario plush is not that expensive, the right size and fabric and therefore one of the most popular sold currently online.
Click here for more on the Nintendo Mario plush toy

Fire Mario plush toy
Even the awesome fireball throwing Mario has its own plush toy with the signature red and white clothing on it. This particular Mario plush is 8″ tall and made of soft material. Sanei, the manufacturer, recommends this toy from age 6 and upwards.
Click here for more on the Fire Mario Stuffed Plush Toy

Large Mario plush toy
For the children who would like to have a big Mario plush to hold on to we would advise this 11″ Mario plush also manufactured by Sanei. It has great detail, is also made of very soft fabric and comes new in a polybag. It is said that this is a rare collectible, so if collecting Mario toys is your hobby don’t miss out on this one
Click here for more on the Large Mario Plush Toy

So here is something to go by when checking out Mario plush online. With all the upcoming Mario titles a plush toy is a gift with which you can’t go wrong really.

Browse more Mario plush toys on

Super Mario Costume

June 8th, 2011 2 Comments

Who doesn’t like dress-up parties as a kid? Whether it is Halloween or any themed birthday party, putting on clothes and accessories of your favorite movie, cartoon or comic character can really give you an awesome feeling. Now that Nintendo has presented the Wii U and numerous upcoming Mario titles what better idea than to get yourself a cool Mario costume for upcoming dress-up occassions?

Like this awesome moustached dude on the left right here you can transform into Mario or even Luigi in the blink of an eye with all the Mario costumes available online. The good thing about such a costume is that unlike costumes that are based on a movie (i.e. Kickass) a Mario costume will always be timeless because Mario spans over decades and is instantly recognized by many people. This might even land you on some Mario Candy when you’re out trick-or-treating.

First, if you’re looking for a hat only because you already have the clothing available check out the Mario baseball cap we’ve featured earlier for a cool, casual Mario look.

A complete Mario costume typically comes with a Mario hat included and furthermore contains a Mario moustache, the famous red and blue jumpsuit and in some cases even gloves and an inflatable belly (when you don’t sport one yourself).

Check out the links below for Mario costumes in all sizes and flavors:

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