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Mario candy

May 10th, 2011 1 Comment

You’re probably wondering what kind of candy you can give away when organizing a Mario birthday party. Luckily you don’t have to resort to boring candy from your local grocery store since there is special Mario candy available that you can buy online.

Super Mario Coin Candies
Super Mario Coin CandiesThese famous Mario coin blocks are made of tin and filled with delicious candy coins. The block is a good matching replica of the original ‘?’ found in many Mario games so even if the candy is not of your liking you can still keep the coin block as a Mario toy collector’s item as it’s made of good quality and has great attention to detail. Don’t try and stomp these coin blocks as you will have a hard time in getting the candy out!

Buy the Super Mario Coin Candies

Super Mario Ba-Bomb Candy Powder

Super Mario Bo-Bomb Powder Candy

Super Mario Bo-Bomb Powder Candy

Unscrewing the top of these cute little Ba-Bomb candies unveils a pink sugar powdered stick which you can further dip into the sugar stored in the Ba-bomb. The candy is similar to the famous old lik-a-stix but are of course much cooler looking like this. You can buy these Ba-Bombs per piece or in a display pack that contains twelve pieces, very handy for when you are having a birthday party and want to put these in favor boxes. They come individually wrapped in the display pack so no worries about having all the sugar spilled over the floor easily.

Buy Super Mario Ba-Bomb Candy Powder

Mario Barrel Candy
Mario Barrel CandyA great bang for your buck are these Mario Barrel Candy containers. Mario might have borrowed these barrels from Donkey Kong but they are awesome none the less. Mario’s head can be moved from side to side and his arms are of a rubbery adjustable material. With about 6 1/2 ” they are pretty big in size. The candy inside has a taste similar to Sweet Tarts. When you’re done eating the candy you don’t throw these away as they look great as a Mario toy just standing on your desk.

Buy a pack of 12 Mario Barrel Candy Containers

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