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May 1st, 2011 1 Comment

Aside from the Super Mario chess we’ve covered earlier, there are more Mario board games available next to the ever popular Mario Party releases. Here’s a rundown on the most popular ones currently available.

Super Mario Yahtzee

Super Mario YahtzeeIf this isn’t the coolest looking version of Yahtzee you’ve seen I don’t know what is. Great way to have your kids learning the otherwise dull-looking, dice-rolling game. The Super Mario Yahtzee has one eye-catching coin block which also functions as the dice roller. The dice themselves feature a Mario related print (which are also on the score sheet) on each side which can encourage counting for young ones. Be aware that the inside of the coin block isn’t padded so in order to muffle the dice rattling of your Super Mario Yahtzee you might have to pad it with foam yourself.

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Nintendo Monopoly

Nintendo Monopoly
Anyone up for a game of Nintento Monopoly? If you’re a true Nintendo fan you’ll love this collectors edition of Monopoly which has Mario and much more other famous Nintendo characters featured like Yoshi, Link and Bowser among others. The characters are property which you can buy on the board and famous in-game items like the Donkey Kong barrels and the Hyrule shield are the pawns with which you play, which pack a great amount of detail too. Consider this an offline Nintendo alternative in which your kids will learn some math on the side too. The amount of money allows for a Monopoly game up to 4 players but you can expand on that by adding some money from your classic Monopoly game.

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Nintendo Domino Game

Nintendo Domino GameA true collectors’ item that was released in 2004 and is currently discontinued, but still available with some Amazon sellers is this tin lunchbox of dominoes featuring prints of Mario, Luigi and other famous Nintendo characters. Depending on which version you pick up the domino pieces are either of light-weight plastic or of more durable ivory (ceramic-like). If you have the choice try and pick up the latter as the lifespan of the heavier pieces tend to be longer (they are marked with “ITEM 707” on the bottom).

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