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K’NEX Mario Kart

April 20th, 2011 2 Comments

Mario Kart Knex set
Last year K’NEX, the US construction toy company, excitingly announced that they had started a partnership with Nintendo. They recently unveiled their first line of product using the Nintendo license, the K’NEX Mario Kart construction sets inspired by Nintendo’s Mario Kart Wii. You can now buy the first construction sets and choose between a kart with Mario, Luigi or Yoshi for $19,99 or a bike with Mario or Luigi on it for $9,99. Each toy comes with an accessory from the game and a box which you can convert to a ramp. What’s the fun in only a character on a K’NEX vehicle you ask? Well, K’NEX is teasing what seems like an awesome Mario Kart racetrack construction to go with these racers which will probably launch from June on. Make sure to check back then for more information.

Check out more information about the current products on K’NEX’s official website.


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2 Comments to “K’NEX Mario Kart”

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