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K’NEX Mario Kart Update

July 1st, 2011 5 Comments

We’ve found some more information on the K’NEX Mario Kart building sets, one of the most anticipated new Super Mario toys this year. On their website, K’NEX has featured a sneak peek presentation video of the upcoming Mario Kart race track building sets (see it below) and we’ve become excited to try out the full racing set ourselves.

It seems that the full Mario Kart K’NEX race track construction set comes with race characters included. Even the karts and racers themselves can be build, which makes me wonder if you can give Mario a Luigi costume and vice versa. The racers can then be put in a kart and put on the race track that you’ve built. The Mario Kart race track can be clicked together quite easy, time will tell if the tracks will remain solid and durable enough for intensive playing. We’ve already seen a glimpse of the famous Mario Kart obstacles with rotating fire bars in an early picture. This video expands on the obstacles which you will find in the set, including a Chain Chomp, piranha plant and the infamous Goombas. These can all be manually controlled so you can annoy your opponent’s racer.

The Mario Kart K’NEX race karts have a switch which can be turned on after which the kart will speed off when you put it on the race track. There’s no further remote control involved with which you can accelerate your kart a la the Carrera Mario Kart race track. This also means that your Kart will not fly of the track easily, from the video it seems K’NEX have done an awesome job in having the racers stay on the track, even with all the obstacles hindering your Mario kart characters.

No exact release date has been set yet for the K’NEX Mario Kart race track set. The only K’NEX Super Mario toys that are available now are the individual Mario Kart (and bike) racers which we’ve covered earlier. Amazon has these available now. Check the indiviual links below for more information on the current K’NEX Mario Kart products:

K’NEX Mario and Standard Kart Building Set
K’NEX Luigi and Standard Kart Building Set
Nintendo Yoshi and Standard Kart Building Set

K’NEX Luigi and Standard Bike Building Set
K’NEX Mario and Standard Bike Building Set

When release is due be sure to read about it on Super Mario toys dot com!

Update: The K’NEX Mario Kart building sets are now retailing, read more about it here.


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5 Comments to “K’NEX Mario Kart Update”

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