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Carrera Mario Kart Race Track

May 24th, 2011 0 Comments

If you can’t hold on until the wonderful K’NEX Mario Kart race track comes out next month, check out this sweet Carrera Mario Kart race track. Carrera is world famous for manufacturing toy race tracks from 1963. The cars are put in one of the race track’s slots and take off when you press the one-buttoned remote control. The Carerra brand has undergone the Mario treatment as well so that means that you can enjoy racing with genuine Mario Karts now.

As with all Carerra products the race tracks should be put together with care as the track pieces are usually delicate. The tracks feature awesome loopings and depending on which version you buy you can set the track to go up on your wall a bit. The key to having your racers stay on track for multiple laps is being gentle with the acceleration button. When you fully press it your kart will fly off the track in no time. Winning the race is all about finding the sweet spot for your Mario Kart racer and can be really rewarding in the long run.

There are a few Carrera Mario Kart versions available with Carrera Digital 143: Mario Kart Wii being the flagship product. Check out the video below for some live action. If you haven’t got that much money to spend look out for the Carrera Mario Kart DS 2 version.

Digital 143, Mario Kart Race Set

Carrera Mario Kart DS 2

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